Mumbai never sleeps; and in a sleepless city there live people in constant search for good food, round the clock. Restaurants and eateries generally close by 1 AM and then night owls and midnight snack cravers can do nothing but wait till the morning.

The founders of DARK NIGHT ADDA (D.N.A) have always been bats who love their late night snack time. Hence most of their years were spent scouting places looking for food that not only tasted great but also filled their demanding appetite. They didn’t come across many. And so they thought of embarking on their own venture to serve mouth watering food, especially for the people awake way past their bed time.

Things with D.N.A fell right into place because it was meant to be. The founders come from families with a background in the hospitality industry, which gave them the required experience and high spirits to convert this midnight venture into reality.

To the hungry Mumbaikars looking for ways to calm their taste buds, D.N.A has its clocks in sync with yours!

For all those people on bat mode and hungry, DARK NIGHT ADDA will make sure you never sleep hungry or have to let go of that craving again with their to die for food menu and door step delivery.

Why Stay Hungry? Let D.N.A put some food in that stomach- and a smile on that face.